Serenity House

Stella the Hamster.

150 150 Leonardville Nursing Home

We decided as a neighborhood that something was missing in our family, we did quite a bit of research on what would be best for our neighborhood and which pet we all wanted. After all of that we decided a hamster is what we wanted, so we looked and looked trying to find one that would work for us then finally we found one. Let me tell you it didn’t take long for the elders and staff to fall in love with her. She loves getting in her ball and roaming the nursing home stopping and making visits to the elders that live here. She loves snacks and is very tamed to where the staff and residents can pet and hold her.

DSCN2002 DSCN2005

Isn’t she just adorable?


Such a curious little girl.

DSCN1998 DSCN2010 

Our Elder’s just love her.

Pictured from Left to Right: Lorene, Beth, and Dreda all enjoying little Miss Stella.

Yoga with Serenity House.

150 150 Leonardville Nursing Home

This morning we did a yoga video with some of the elders that live in our neighborhood, plus two ladies from Harmony house. They had quite a good time stretching and working their muscles. The ladies that joined us this morning were Edna, Mary, Evelyn, Sue, Barbara and Beverly. The staff included Diane, Sarah, Kathy and Kylie.

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Road Trips.

150 150 Leonardville Nursing Home

DSCN1862 DSCN1867 DSCN1857 DSCN1871

Today we took some of our elders down Serenity House on a little road trip to Kimeo, KS to see St. Michael’s Catholic Church with Lorene Visser, Myron Simnitt and a couple of caregivers. They had a wonderful time seeing the beautiful church.  Myron was extremely helpful with navigating us on how to get to the church.


Trip to the Clay Center Zoo.

150 150 Leonardville Nursing Home

Kathy and Richard took a trip to the Clay Center Zoo, they had a great time seeing all of the animals.

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Lorene’s Birthday Celebration.

150 150 Leonardville Nursing Home

We celebrated Lorene Visser’s birthday! She had such a wonderful time, she spent the entire day with a giant smile on her face. Lorene was so happy to share her cake with everyone and share stories from her childhood and teaching days.

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4th of July.

150 150 Leonardville Nursing Home

Celebrated the 4th of July by shooting off some fireworks.

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Puppy Visits!

150 150 Leonardville Nursing Home

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Beth absolutely loving the puppies.

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Barbara enjoying the adventurous puppy.


Myron playing with one of the adorable puppies.


Elvie admiring the sleepy puppy.


Barbara and Erma loving the puppies.

New Years Celebration.

150 150 Leonardville Nursing Home

We had such a great time bringing in the New Year with friends and family.
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Jennifer and Evelyn getting ready for the celebration.


Jennifer and Lorene.


Jennifer and Harlen.


Jennifer and Margaret.


Evelyn and Elvie toasting to the New Year.


Elvie and Barbara toasting to the New Year.


Evelyn, Elvie, Jennifer and Barbara.






150 150 Leonardville Nursing Home


Our ladies were working very hard to help us peel potatoes for our Thanksgiving meal.


Our Thanksgiving table décor.


Elder’s and their family members on Thanksgiving enjoying their meals.